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Ground Lift Protection (GLP) | Ground Fault Sensing


 Technic Ground Lift Preventer (Technic GLP) is professionally designed and manufactured to prevent Ground Lift issues. Technic GLP senses leakage voltage between neutral and ground and amplify the error signal through a comparator to provide a switching facility to prevent damages to valuable systems.

Technic Ground Lift Preventer (Technic GLP) is specifically designed to protect systems from being damaged in Ground Lift conditions. Technic GLP is a quality product of Technic.


*  Input: 230V AC  50Hz *  Supply Voltage Range: 180V AC ~250V AC
*  Supply Current:  < 10mA *  Power Consumption: < 2 watts
*  Auxiliary Supply: Not required *  Relay Contact: 5A Potential free.
*  Relay mode:  Relay ON at Reset or Power
    ON OFF at Ground Lift
*  Reset: Auto Reset
*  Indications:  Mains ON – Green LED
   Grounded – Red LED
*  Mounting: DIN Rail or Chassis Mounting
*  Dimensions: 45mm x 76mm x 114mm *  Weight:  400 gms. (approx.)