Power Management Products

Nowadays all industrial, commercial and residential projects are based on microprocessor based electronic equipment. Today's microprocessors are smaller and faster than ever but they are more sensitive to power quality problems. Among the most common and critical problems are brief over-voltage disturbances commonly called surges or voltage transients. These voltage surges can damage, degrade or destroy critical and valuable processing components in your electronic systems.

Technic Electronic Corporation provides wide range of power management solutions which can provide good quality clean power supply to all your valuable electronic systems.

Power Management Solutions from TECHNIC

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Single Phase Preventer (SPP): PDF Download

More than 90% of burn out of motors are caused by unbalanced voltage supply or phase failure. These faults are mostly undetected by conventional overload relays and due to which normal overload protection doesn't trip on time. Thus there is a need for a Single Phase Preventer which senses true negative phase sequence and trips the motors.

Technic Single Phase Preventer (SPP) is specifically designed to protect motors from working in unfavorable conditions such as single phasing and unbalanced voltage. When wrong phase sequence is detected by Technic SPP, the motor is automatically switched off and thus prevents rotation of the motor in reverse direction. Technic SPP can be used in any HP rated motor.


  • True negative phase sequence voltage detection
  • LED for relay operation indication.
  • Definite time delay to avoid tripping miss.
  • Self powered electronic circuitry.
  • Fully Static.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Low power consumption.
  • DIN rail or panel mounting.
  • Professionally designed and tested.
  • Small size and aesthetic appearance.
  • A quality product of Technic.

Technical Specifications:

  • System Voltage: 415 V +/-20
  • Frequency Range: 50 Hz +/- 5% (47.5 Hz to 52.5Hz)
  • Auxilliary Supply: 415V / 215 V / 110 V +/-20%,50 Hz
  • Under Voltage operation: Yes at 60% (machine incoming voltage)
  • Unbalanced Voltage: 10% or 20%
  • Setting: User selectable
  • Output Contact: IC/O Contact
  • Trip Time Delay: Fixed delay 2.5 sec +-0.5sec
  • Recommend Wiring: 1.0 Sq. mm
  • Power Consumption: Less than 2VA
  • Enclosure: High impact polystyrene moulded with nylon modulded connection strip
  • Relay Operation: Relay is energized in healthy supply conditions and trips on single phasing, reverse sequence, unbalanced supply voltage, under voltage or interruptions in Power Supply.
  • Indication:
    • MAINS ON - On during relay non-operated condition (output relay is energized) and is extinguished on operation when output relay resets.
    • PH. SEQ. OK - On when correct three phase supply is given to SPP and when output relay is energized.
  • Weight: 500gms(approx.)
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Dimension: 45mm X 76mm X 114mm
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Ground Lift Preventer (GLP): PDF Download

What is a Ground Lift?

In a system, a ground lift usually refers to a current, generally unwanted, in a conductor connecting two points that are supposed to be at the same potential, often ground, but are actually at different potentials. Ground lifts created by improperly designed or improperly installed equipment are a major cause of noise and interference in many systems. They can also create an electric shock hazard, since ostensibly "grounded" parts of the equipment, which are often accessible to users, are not at ground potential. A ground lift in a system which connects circuits designed to be at the same potential but which are actually at different potentials can be hazardous, or cause problems with the electrical or electronic systems, because the electrical potential and soil resistance at different points on the surface of the Earth can vary. In a floating ground system, that is, one not connected to Earth, the voltages will probably be unstable, and if some of the conductors that constitute the return circuit to the source have a relatively high resistance, or have high currents through them that produce a significant voltage (I.R) drop, they can be hazardous.

Solutions for Ground Lift:

Technic Ground Lift Preventer (Technic GLP) is professionally designed and manufactured to prevent Ground Lift issues. Technic GLP senses leakage voltage between neutral and ground and amplify the error signal through a comparator to provide a switching facility to prevent damages to valuable systems. Technic Ground Lift Preventer (Technic GLP) is specifically designed to protect systems from being damaged in Ground Lift conditions. Technic GLP is a quality product of Technic.

Technical Specifications:

  • System Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz
  • Supply Voltage range: 180V AC - 250V AC
  • Supply Current: < 10mA
  • Power Consumption: < 2watts
  • Auxillary Supply: Not Required
  • Relay Contact: 5A Potential free. (COM-NO-NC)
  • Relay Mode:
    • Relay On at Reset or Power On
    • Relay Off at Ground Lift
  • Reset: Auto Reset
  • Indications:
    • Mains On - Green LED
    • Grounded - Red LED
  • Mounting: DIN Rail or Chassis Mounting
  • Dimensions: 45mm X 76mm X 114mm
  • Weight: 400gms. (approx)


  • Military Aerospace and Marine Systems
  • Medical Instruments
  • Elevator Panels
  • CNC Machines
  • Computers & Peripherals
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Surge & Ground Lift Preventer(SGLP-1):

Technic SGLP is a premium product which can save your expensive electronic systems from being damaged due to power fluctuations. Electronic Systems connected through SGLP ensures longer life.

Need for SGLP:

In current scenario, electric power has covered a big part of people's day to day life. All advanced technologies are useless incase of power fluctuation as it can destroy all electronic devices. Electronic equipments are extremely susceptible to transient voltages and surge currents due to its relatively fragile semiconductor construction.

Every load being switched on or off creates some sort of electrical noise and voltage fluctuation. These transients and surges are then carried through the supply lines to all of the other loads in the vicinity. As the transients and surges increase in level, their destructive power is carried further in distance thereby reaching more sensitive electronic equipment. Every electronic device connected to the AC supply lines should have protection against these transient voltages and surge currents to ensure a longer service life.

Note: Technic SGLP is not a Voltage Stalibilier.

Key Features for Technic SGLP:

  • It shields valuable electrical devices from surges in electrical power.
  • Has ability to sense voltage leakage between neutral and ground.
  • It protects systems from getting damaged in ground voltage lift scenario.
  • Compact design and tested to meet tough industrial standards.
  • Helps reduce cost due to single component placement.


  • Input Voltage: 415V, 3phase, 5 wire system
  • Current Capacity: 20A, 30A, 60A, 100A
  • Wall Mounting Type
  • Dimensions: 325mm X 380mm X 175mm
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Servo Stabilizers:

Technic Servo Stabilizers is an effective solution for all the voltage fluctuation problems. Our servo stabilizers are one of the best in shielding costly appliances and sensitive equipments.

Our product is precisely engineered to perfection, it features a solid state circuit to control the servo motor. The motor is mechanically attached to the arm of a continuously variable auto transformer which feeds to the primary of a series control buck boost transformer. The stabilizer output voltage is compared with the reference voltage & resultant error signal controls the Servo Motor providing true proportional control systems rather than on/off circuit.

Our sophisticated technology of Servo controlled voltage stabilizer is in use for many years and has proved to be very reliable due to its rigid quality control and testing standards.

Key Features for Technic Voltage Stabilizers:

  • Fast rate of correction greater than 35V/Sec.
  • More than 95% efficiency
  • Low cutoff and High cutoff provided.
  • Short Circuit/overload protection.
  • 2-3 minutes of time delay-provided.
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Variable Power Supply:

High Quality Variable Power Supply based on customer based specifications can be developed and manufactured. Few custom made Power Supplies can be found below for reference.

  • All sizes mentioned here are in mm unless specified.
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.